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Microsoft Outlook 2003 Training – New Release!

Palaestra Training has just released a new training series: Microsoft Outlook 2003 Training. This is an exciting series, from our new instructor, Sid Miller. Sid is an Office expert that really makes it easy to learn all of the features…
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SEO Goldmine Videos – New Free Training from the Guys at StomperNet

If you’ve ever wondered about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and wanted to get some information on how it was done, or even if you’re a seasoned professional looking to hone your skills, I would highly recommend you take a look…
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Cisco CCNA Training Video over 20,000 views on YouTube!

Palaestra Training’s CCNA Certification Training video on Frame Relay has gotten over 20,000 views on YouTube in just over 6 months time. Jason Emerson, Palaestra Training’s Cisco CCNA instructor has a great conversational style, and makes learning technically advanced concepts…
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IT Salaries and Demand on the Rise

Several recent surveys, including the recent article by Computer World shows that demand for IT workers is growing at the highest rate in several years. As a result, salaries are also on the rise. Why? Companies need talented, motivated Information Technology professionals and many companies report difficulty in finding those people.

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